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Bargello Needlepoint Belt Getting Started Checklist

If you’ve decided to join the Bargello Needlepoint Belt Stitch-Along, you are going to need the information included in this 6-Step Getting Started Checklist. From planning the design to learning how to measure belt size to preparing the canvas for stitching, you’ll get everything you need to know to successfully prepare for the Stitch-Along. Here […]


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Each Bargello designer brings her own personality and creativity to the art of needlepoint. The historical styling of Nikki Scheuer in Designs for Bargello graced this month’s Challenge Designs as well as the practical applications of Golden Hands Bargello. The designs are displayed here for your … [Read More...]

day 45 bargello challenge design

The pattern-on-pattern Bargello effect in this design is achieved by placing a large diamond pattern over a simple flame stitch pattern. The large Bargello diamond pattern is worked first, and then the flame stitch pattern is worked in a continuous repeat under the diamonds. This 4-2 step … [Read More...]

Bargello Tips

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Relaxing with My Favorite Bargello Stitching Tunes

I love to stitch first thing in the morning before the day is in full swing; or when I have a relaxing and peaceful day entirely to myself. In my home, these are the quietest times available that are ideal for retreating to my small studio with a pot of hot gourmet tea and my favorite Bargello … [Read More...]


Join the Bargello Needlepoint Belt Stitch-Along

Let this Stitch-A-Long take the hassle and fear out of stitching and finishing your own Bargello Needlepoint Belt! You'll learn everything you need to know from start to finish in detailed steps to make a fashion accessory you'll be proud to wear. After you've mastered the basics, consider making … [Read More...]


The Illustrated Leviathan Needlepoint Stitch

Looking for a visual tutorial for working decorative needlepoint stitches? This video makes stitching the Leviathan Needlepoint Stitch a breeze with 8 quick and easy steps that can be completed in three minutes while you enjoy the visual tutorial. Click Here to Subscribe to Future Videos from … [Read More...]

Bargello Stashbusters

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Bargello Stitch of the Month

The American Needlepoint Guild is a non-profit educational institution that focuses on needlepoint. Its stitch of the month program features color photos and charts of basic needlepoint stitches. Every month, a needlepoint expert shares his/her expertise on a specific stitch and shows you how … [Read More...]

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Bargello Needlepoint for Stress Relief

People are so stressed out these days with anxiety about the economy and life in general; and because money is tight and times are hard, costly hobbies are being placed on the back burner. But, this is not the case with needlepoint—especially Bargello. Most needlepoint and embroidery stitchers … [Read More...]

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Thread Lengths for Bargello Needlepoint

What’s the proper thread length to use when stitching bargello needlepoint? This is probably one of the first questions a beginner will ask, because the tendency is to use a very long piece of thread to start stitching. While it is true that bargello needlepoint stitches will cover the canvas … [Read More...]

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