Display Your Bargello Needlepoint in a Serving Tray

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Most full-service needlepoint shops offer Sudberry House Serving Trays for displaying needlework. In the past I have purchased several to display my completed Bargello needlepoint projects and a couple of my Japanese Embroidery phase items.

The Sudberry House Serving Tray is a great conversation piece and a way to introduce friends and family to needlework. Every time I use my tray, I not only get compliments, but inquiries about how long, how hard and other assorted stitching questions. This gives me an opportunity to promote Bargello needlepoint and offer to teach a budding enthusiast how to make their very own tray insert.

This Square Serving Tray by Sudberry House has a beautiful wood finish with glass built into it to protect the needlework. It comes with mounting board and instructions and includes felt for the bottom of the tray to keep it from scratching furniture surfaces.

The tray measures 10 inches square. Check with your local needlepoint shop, or order it at a discount price here.

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