Free Craft Projects for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each October in the USA, activities are held to raise funds to find a cure for breast cancer, one of the most devastating diseases for women. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, emphasis is placed on awareness by providing breast cancer information, participating in fundraisers, soliciting donations for breast cancer research and promoting regular breast self-examination.

The statistics are alarming with 1 out of 8 women likely to get breast cancer in their lifetime. The following free craft projects and ideas are offered to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to comfort survivors of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Crochet Projects

Assorted Crocheted Breast Cancer Awareness Projects 
Autumn Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns 
Crochet Get Well Gift Patterns 
Crochet Head Scarf Patterns 
Crochet Patterns For Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns 
Kerchief Crochet Patterns 
Lacy Crocheted Shawl Patterns
Sweet and Simple Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns


Breast Cancer Awareness Knitting Projects

Chemo Cap Free Knitting Pattern
Chemo Cap Knitting Patterns For Breast Cancer Patients 
Comfort Hat Knitting Patterns 
Easy Chemo Cap Knitting Patterns 
Lace Shawl Knitting Patterns 
Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Knitted Craft Projects
Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Knitted Hat Patterns 
Pretty Knitted Breast Cancer Awareness Patterns


Breast Cancer Awareness General Craft Ideas

Bath Preparations 
Breast Cancer Get Well Gifts 
Homemade Soap Craft Projects 
Inspirational Craft Patterns 
Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry Making Projects 
Spa Facial Treatments
Steps to Make Bath Bags
Therapeutic Essential Oils 
Ways to Enjoy a Bath 
Ways to Wear a Shawl

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